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Nominations are open for the 2020 Telstra Business Women’s Awards.

Know an exceptional woman inspiring change? Say thank you by nominating her today.

Celebrating women who do business differently

In 2020, we celebrate 25 years of the Telstra Business Women’s Awards as we continue to recognise the most outstanding women who are disrupting the way we do business.

For a quarter of a century, the Awards program has recognised outstanding women, helped progress their careers and business ideas, and built a support network of like-minded people to learn, grow and connect with. Read more

Many of the most successful women in business have one thing in common. They are mavericks who use their own unique business approach to redefine the status quo. By undoing traditional approaches to business, they are setting examples to inspire others. Through the Telstra Business Women’s Awards we want to empower more business women, to become mavericks and to thrive in this ever-competitive business world.

Women in leadership, who are transforming the way we do business, deserve to be recognised so I encourage you to nominate an outstanding business woman today, or even better nominate yourself. Read less

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Tuesday 3 September

Phase 1 Entries Open

Already been nominated for the 2020 Awards? Congratulations! Get ready to complete your entry and show our Judges what sets you apart.

Celebrating 25 years of progress.

From the women who've led the way in male-dominated industries, to the ones helping other women be heard, we're celebrating their achievements with a thank you from the rest of us.

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25 years of empowering successful women to achieve even more.

Redefining the conversation on female leadership at all levels of business.

Making stronger connections between established innovators and the next generation.

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Benefit from PR and media coverage to share your story and inspire like-minded women to reach their potential.

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Stand together with your fellow leaders to undo business one step at a time, and be the voice of action your industry needs.

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Take advantage of an expertly designed entry and judging experience to make objective reflections on your business and your career.

It’s challenging and it’s also really inspiring, and I think we should get out there and talk to other women and promote what we’re doing.

Violet Roumeliotis, Settlement Services International, 2017 Telstra Australian Business Woman of the Year

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